Monday, January 14, 2013

So I'm doing this thing...

Can You Imagine THIS BOD with Nursing Boobs?!?!?
Um, that is what I call HOT!

Hi friends -

So I am involved in my sister's "Chubbie Club" for the next 7 1/2 weeks. It's this amazing online community/competition for weight loss. I'm not "DIEting", but I am using it as an opportunity for accountability and to reconnect in a positive way to food.

As part of my 'plan' (*would like to drop 10 pounds or so) I am food journaling for the first two weeks of the competition. (And following a 'challenge' from my sister: this week it's not eating after 7, which I've been successful with). Maybe I'll get a little cray-cray and cut out desserts or bread the last two weeks of the competition.

But guess where I'm now going to be food-journaling? Yep, here! I was doing on the Chubbie Club website, but I feel like my posts are too long, and it would be easier to just link to this page if any of the participants (there's just under 40 of us),

Besides, I know from the google-stats that this thing isn't getting a lot of page-views; so I'm not to worried about it.


9:30 One cup mint tea (recovering from Saturday evening's madness - date night with Holden)

12:30 "green" smoothie -- which actually turned out to be more of a magenta because in addition to spinach it had 2 carrots, a dollop of greek yogurt, an orange and some frozen organic berries (blackberries and raspberries) Not my favorite but figured I better stick to whole foods for a bit.

Contemplating the vegan tomato soup for later...

By 1:30 I had only had a cup (literally 1 C) of the awful smoothie (some green smoothies are good, some are awful... this was not good). And with the boys now home from church I started into the left-overes in the fridge for an official meal:

noshing on bites of yesterday's mashed potatoes and a spoon full of guacamole as I heated up a bowl of tomato soup and shredded a little cheese on it and my potatoes. The entire meal took me about an hour to eat because Z needed attention and I kept trying to nurse her and get her to sleep sporadically.

Danny had got the chips out of the cupboard to make nachos and I was proud of myself for not stealing one bite -- or sneaking a taste of Holden's Mac-N-Cheese. (I believe that was the last box, so we won't be having it for a while.)

Dinner about 5:30 - at my in-laws

Loads and loads of roasted root veggies. FOUR cinnamon rolls that tastes like spun cotton candy...a regular roll. About 3 ounces of pork with a little 57 sauce and some gravy. Oh and for dessert she had made (from scratch) brownies. I asked for a very small one, about 3 bites (which was really about 5) with a little ice cream.

No eating after 7 pm. I did it!

*I've technically got 3 or 4 pounds of my baby-weight to lose, but I'd like to be back at prime "post-marathon" weight. I've kind of come to the realization I will never be skinny - but I can be fit. And love it!

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QNC said...

I am really nervous about losing all of my baby weight too. Quentin says he prefers fit over skinny any day. What man wants to feel like he's making out with a 12 year old boy? Well... I guess a lot of men would want to make out with a 12 year old boy, but that is beyond my point. :)