Monday, January 14, 2013

A Case of the Mondays

Today, I posted this to Facebook:

Anyway, a food collage for you, and a timeline:

10:10 am a glass of Airborne, because our kids have been sick and EVERYTHING seems to cycle around in this house. And (I kid you not) one cherrio. It was off Zoë's high chair and in my mouth before I could think about it.

Orange you glad I added some cheese?

12:25 1/2 roll split with Holden from the oven and the last of the Vegan tomato soup

1:47 one bite of the (coming in to it's own) soup

2:15A roll and a few bites of potato soup to 'test it's progress'

Dinner 5:45 maybe(?):
Two rolls, a few servings of the cheesy potato and carrot soup. Some orange slices and a very small serving of apple crisp w/ a dollop of vanilla ice cream. Add some butter and some strawberry jam I made last summer.

-WINS for today- Potatoes were from our garden: carrots and chicken stock both organic. Apples from our bulk buy at the Farmer's market last fall.

Oh and unless we're eating pizza in front of the TV for a special occasion football game or something, I  really try to always make the presentation of the dinner table look nice. (Chargers are not unique for a Monday or mid-week meal... but as Emily Post would dictate, they are removed before we eat.

Also, I'm posting this at 10:50pm, so I guess I made my "no eating after 7pm goal" too.

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