Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Tuesday turned out to be a little nuts...

Taken ar roughly 1 am... Go Utes! 
Sorry friends, 

Yesterday I did not do a good job with my food journaling - at all. In fact, I didn't get to it until I was in the car on my way home from Primary Children's hospital at 3 in the morning.

Yeah, rough day, rough night. My kids are apparently predisposed to croup when they get a cold. Usually we can keep it under wraps at home -- alternating between hot-humidity (shower, vaporizers, etc) and the cold (our freezing cold sun room, walking outside, or letting Z play in the freezer like we did when it happened over the summer). We did that routine from 4 pm until about midnight, when even with 45 minutes of cold air (and trying the hot humidity again) we could not get her breathing under control... she actually couldn't get a deep breath, which freaked her out. So when she started crying it made it harder to breath. At midnight Danny and I made the call together - woke Holden up and loaded everyone in the car to get to the hospital for some professional help. (Even the Majoram Essential oil was cutting it - so you know it was serious!) 

Big Kudos to Holden for just going with the flow as we puled him out of his slumber. And I don't know what we would've done without Danny's parents. They came and picked up Cito from the hospital, let him spend the night at their place; and then Stevie (my blessed mother-in-love) watched both kids while I taught yoga this morning. Saintly does not do justice to my in-laws. 

All that said, here's what I recorded from yesterday's eats (and if you're wondering about the food journal, you can check out this post):

  • Maybe 9am: part of a banana, small glass of oj and Airborne, because we are ALL under the weather
  • 11:00: Banana in car running errands and picking up Holden from pre-school
  • 12:20 Rest of the cheesy potato soup, eaten while standing noting that in 5 minutes people were supposed to be showing up for a Yoga Playdate in my home - I think i had part of a roll too
  • After the kids yoga session, probably around 1:15 we had a 'tea party' with hot chocolate (I actually just drank hot water)
  • While cooking and chopping for dinner (3pm-ish) I thought about another glass of OJ for my cold, and then opted instead for some orange slices. I think I ate 1 1/2 oranges. (Not so good for the environment, but man are they tasty in the winter months)
  • Dinner 5:45 I think - I tried a new recipe from Food and Wine Magazine "Chinese Noodles with Pork" and added Bok Choy, and cooked some carrots too. It was a hit with Danny -- not so much with Holden. 
Holden didn't try any. Had a few carrots and a leftover roll from earlier in the week. He said: "Mom, you didn't do a very good dinner tonight." 

Me: "Why would you say that? It was delicious." 

HDM: Something about how the food looked terrible, or gross or some kind of slam. I can't remember. But what I do remember is his finishing up with: "You ought to be ashamed of yourself." 

At which point I tried so hard to keep from laughing (I know he's got that phrase from some movie we've watched)... Danny on the other hand looked outranged, and took him back to his room to have a serious discussion about gratitude and appreciation for "mom." (Did I marry an awesome guy or what.)

Was proud to make the 7pm rule (no eating after); even though I was pretty hungry by the time we drove home. 

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