Thursday, January 17, 2013

Holden's Culinary Casualty

So today is third Thursday, and I've got a piece over at Make and Takes. Please check it out and let me know about your greener actions for the upcoming year. I love hearing about how everyone's making a difference.

The food blog is below, but I've got more interesting things to talk about.

 When I left Holden this afternoon in the kitchen, he had watercolors, some paper, was crafting and I had chicken in a crock-pot and some pizza dough proofing next to it.

I wasn't going far. Just the bedroom to put Z down for a nap. As many of you know,  Zoë has never been in a crib. She's slept in our room, or in our bed since birth. I nurse her to sleep 99% of the time.
Holden had been really quiet. In fact I was thinking to myself as I was laying with Z that I was so thankful he could entertain himself...45 minutes or so later he opened the door to the bedroom covered in brown powder. 

"I'm making crumpets." He told me, as I followed him to the kitchen trying to figure out why he was covered in chocolate-talc. I walked into the the kitchen to find two inches of cocoa powder on my kitchen counter. He had taken the pizza dough and made individual little 'cakes' covered in organic cane sugar and cocoa. It covered the floor and the bench.  "Sorry I made a mess mom," he said, sincere I could tell. But was still proud of his creation.

 I looked at the mess... overwhelmed by the sheer MESS. And I started to cry-and laugh... So I was laugh crying, but Holden seemed so proud of himself. Then he showed me his table where my Organic Olive Oil was now a pool of waste. "The oil was the tricky part." He kept repeating. 

I Put Zoë in her high chair and took Holden to the shower so I could start working on the damage. 

A close up of the counter
The irony of the situation is that while I was laying down with Z I was catching up on a friend's blog, reading about her youngest son who has become quite the trouble maker as of late. 

But back to Holden. He's such a good kid - he knows after he eats or plays with something messy he needs to wash and dry his hands... so he did.

His chocolate footprints were all the way from the kitchen down our hall right into the bathroom. Where he crawled on top of the toilet to wash his hands, and then 'dry' them on a new white washcloth. He also remembered how important it is to me that he put things away after he uses them. See how nice of Holden to put the cocoa back in the cupboard:


I failed to mention that two days ago I had had cleaning ladies come, and they had focused on a deeper clean of my kitchen... so this whole thing was a charming new development. Anywho - I took Holden's 'crumpets' on a cookie sheet and saved them for after dinner. 

Here they are in the oven. The chocolate smelled heavenly while they were baking. After we took them out, we painted them with butter and rolled them in cinnamon-sugar. Wouldn't you know, they were a hit. 

The Food Log

Speaking of Pizza Dough...
Yesterday was a day of pizza... I had dough we made on Monday in the fridge; and proceeded to make two personal pizzas. (Our canned marinara with tomatoes from the farmer's market and some good mozzarella--not the weird kind that is ivory colored; the white milky kind). I shared a minuscule piece with Zoë but pretty much downed them both myself. This was at noon. I think it was probably the equivalent of 4 pieces of Papa John's (minus hiding behind Obamacare to treat their employees like crap.)

Failed to mention to Danny I had pizza for lunch - he and Holden picked some up at Big Apple on the way home from gymnastics. Around 6 we were eating. I had a slice of tomato and two pieces - I think. (I was holding Z who was still struggling and Holden had 'wind and the willows' on tv that I was kind of mindlessly watching/eating. Not a good combination.)

Scarfed down two oranges, a couple of small glasses of Oj and shared a banana with Z for breakfast. And at our Chubbie Club weigh-in this morning I was down three pounds, I think the 7pm rule is working for me.

12:00 Lunch was a couple of bowls of udon noodles with Spicy Thai peanut sauce.
5;45 Picked up bread at Great Harvest and my free sample was a oatmeal turtle cookie
6:15 Dinner was Bombay house rice with chicken tikka masala with some naan bread a few bites of Holden's cinnamon roll and of course... the crumpets. 

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