Monday, January 21, 2013

How We Celebrated MLK

So even though I have obviously been slacking in my journaling, I am excited to share that I went to my sister's Circuit Training Class this morning (Suite Buns Boot Camp); and then attended an awesome yoga class at Shiva Centre this afternoon. Danny "technically" had the day off.

7:00 - 8:00 Suites Buns Boot Camp (Danny has kids)

8:45 Get home from working out and grocery store, Danny heads into the office
I actually watched a bunch of the Inauguration with Zoë while I was trying to clean up the house, etc. She cheered and raised her arms in the air for the (Brooklyn?) Tabernacle Choir Singing "Glory Glory Hallelujah!"

11:30 - Danny returns from office to swap me places

12:00-1:00 MARVELOUS Yoga class

1:15 - 2:30 Hit up COSTCO because everyone knows errand running is easier without two kids. (Not familiar with how much longer it takes with kids?

Here's an easy experiment to try. Borrow someone's puppy that is NOT potty trained. Bring it to the store without a leash. Grab a 30 pound bag of flour and carry it on one arm while you are pushing the cart and trying to keep the puppy in check. Think about putting the bag of flour in the cart.... do so. Now put it back in your arm because it really didn't want to be in the cart in the first place. 45 minutes later leave store with the gallon of milk you went in to buy. See it's easy! 

2:45 Danny heads back to work for a break. :)

5:30 Dinner


Have not does as well with Food Journaling through our trip to Logan and Return... but here's what I remember and some of what I kept track of. I know it's missing 'bites' and plenty of 'sneaks and cheats.'

Saturday (we overnighted in Logan, so I was basically living out of a hotel room until 4pm)

I'm not calling today a monumental fail - but I was NOT setting myself up to succeed. Every time I ate something I'd say to myself 'remember to write that down' but I didn't.

7:45 am at the hotel's breakfast buffet
White bagel with low-fat cream cheese
Taste of awful 'hotel breakfast-bar' OJ
Bit of banana
Oatmeal w brown sugar, raisins, cranberries and slivered toasted almonds

11:15 - hotel restuarant with the kids
Mindless bread eating (sourdough, 3 slices w butter; weird garlic cheese onion rolls)
Cup of clam chowder
2 of Holden's chicken strips
1 bite of BBQ Chicken Pizza I sent back for reasons that best not be mentioned

Danny took us to a Creperie: Nutella crepe with strawberries and whipped cream, mint tea

Finished off leftovers in the fridge: some chicken, some rice. Possibly a few bits if curry.
Made Texas sheet cake for a treat. It came out of the oven at 7:02.i knew I had missed the cut off...ended up eating it at 8pm that night; and then another piece. Trouble.

Breakfast (9ish I think?): Stack of whole wheat dollar pancakes with real maple syrup and a few orange slices

Lunch: I thawed out the second 1/2 of the rolls I made last week; and took the leftover chicken and somehow threw together a chicken and wild rice soup. Danny really liked it. I downed two bowls and two rolls just before 2 pm with the boys when they returned from church.

Dinner: I had more Texas Sheet cake for dinner, cause that's what I really wanted. (At least Sunday night I kept the 7pm rule). 

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ashli said...

You know what I love about this??? You are just so real and honest!! thanks for making me smile today! and know this...if there is texas sheet cake in my house, it gets eaten for every meal until it is no longer at my house. that treat is seriously the death of me. i've actually been craving it for two weeks and just can't bring myself to eat 2 sticks of butter ;)
you are the best!!