Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The Food Blog Entry... boring

Chubbie Club Food Blog for Monday and Tuesday.
Just 2 more days of food journaling and then I take a month off.

Monday - Funday

  • Breakfast 8:45: 1/2 toasted whole grain bagel with cream cheese, tomato slices, avocado and salt and pepper washed down w/ small glass OJ (eaten standing, but in the kitchen)
  • 11:28 - snack time: 1/2 plain bagel with strawberry cream cheese that was sitting on the counter top from breakfast that I felt to guilty just to throw in the trash (Since I went to at 12pm yoga class, that bagel would serve as lunch). 
  • 1:45 one bite of chobiani greek yogurt bluebrry flavored from a Coscto sample vendor
  • 3pmish - 3 Tbs of peanuts (I actually measure them to see what a single serving really looked like) 
  • Dinner 5:45 - 2 servings spicy Thai peanut noddles. sauteed Bok choy w garlic; roasted Brussel sprouts with Asian marinade Dessert: two servings Texas sheet cake and peppermint ice cream
  • Done eating by 6:30, made my 7pm rule.


  • 8:45 organic banana in the car
  • 9:45 small glass OJ standing in the kitchen
  • 10:30 1/3 cup carrot and ginger soup I was making for dinner
  • 11ish a serving of last night's thai noodles with brussle sprouts and bok choy (all mixed together. It was even better as leftovers)
  • And there was a slice of texas sheetcake in there during the day too, standing in the kitchen. Me, not the sheetcake... the sheet cake was sitting. Actually, it was kind of more of a "come hither lean-lounge, but I don't want to get too technical."
  • I know I ate something between 11 and 5:30 but I can't remember what it was. Stole some slices of cheese and bites of bread while I was preparing dinner... surprise surprise "standing in the kitchen." 5:30 Had Cassandra and the kids over for carrot soup and some grilled cheese (sharp cheddar w/ home made plum preserves on Great Harvest white, that I thought was a light rye) Ate at the table but kept eating the grilled cheese. We cut them in fourths and I lost track at my 3rd fourth... 

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