Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Yoga Playdate: Try It On for FREE!

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So on Wednesday mornings I teach a class at Salt Lake's newly rebranded "We Are Yoga" Studio.

It's called Yoga Playdate and it was created to go beyond a Mommy & Me class, or even a 'drop the babe at daycare while I workout' time.

Yoga Playdate was created for moms (and Dads) to have a safe place to get back into (or start) practicing yoga: where babies and toddlers can be right with them; practicing or playing.

The class, still in it's infancy (ha, see what I did there? Infancy, baby, get it?)... ok so the class was born from my frustration with a lack of resources for new moms --especially on the yoga scene. I didn't want to be practicing yoga at the gym with A/C blasting and the music pumping (I've done that before-never again).

As a brand new mom I wanted opportunities in community to connect with my baby, but most Mommy & Me classes were centered around signing songs for my child...Or the complete opposite where I had no opportunity to connect... Holden just lay on the floor beside my mat while I tried to get a workout in (or the in-house 'daycare' option that just didn't feel right for us.)

Yoga Playdate is a melding of asana (posture) and practice for Mom, unique access to community with parents in a similar phase of life and playtime for the little ones. If baby wants to crawl around- so be it, mom gets a hands free sun salutation.

If baby wants to be held, we modify Warrior One or work on mat stretches (I've had a nursing mom in Staff Pose more than once.)

And shared savasana is it's own reward.

I hope if you're in the Salt Lake are you'll join us. (Borrow someone's baby or toddler if you don't have your own.)

The studio is offering a promotion right now to try out the studio, so first class is FREE!

Wednesday mornings at 9:30 - 10:30 at the We Are Yoga studio (formerly Shiva Centre)  2065 East and 2100 South.

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