Monday, February 25, 2013

Valentimes & Matching Clothes

Me trying to get a shot of the kids...
At church the other day it was brought to my attention that our family 'matches' a lot.

Holden was photographer for these shots

I was asked if I did it on purpose.

Laughing I responded: "oh yes, I just want to make sure in case we're photographed that we have coordinating outfits for a family Christmas card."

I knew I coordinated a color scheme/theme for when we have official family photos done, but I didn't realize I was actually making our family matchuy-matchy.

Valentines was apparently no exception. Holden was still within in 24 hour widow of flu, so our Valentines plans got cancelled. That said, he had been vomit-free for 22 hours by the time dinner rolled around so I thought we'd get take-out Indian (it was my Valentines too, I wasn't cooking!) and celebrate with the kids.

I put them in something with Valentine Red and donned my red stretchy courds.

And suddenly, were the Von Trapps...again (minus the singing and the whole WWII piece).

Eventually, we found something that worked.

Oh, and lest you think I don't know the real word...yes I know it's Valentines... But Holden, like many a child his age uses the M. And I love it.

Hope everyone had a great month of LOVE!

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