Sunday, March 3, 2013

Haircut for Holden

Usually Holden gets his hair cut/trimmed at Cookie Cutters. They have TV's and a slide, and hand out suckers and balloons for a job completed.

But I wanted Holden to get the royal treatment. I love his curls and wanted them preserved, but to get rid of the hair-helmet mullet down his neck...

Things I loved about this experience:

-Holden choosing between 'water or tea,' and opts for their herbal blend (with sugar). He said he liked it but only had a couple of sips. (Please note the position of his pinkie finger in the adjacent photo.)

-getting the lowdown from the staff on their 'salon wars' trophy. And after his cut was over telling Logan "I think I am the winner of the contest."

- telling Logan that 'sharks eat people' when Logan told us he'd be swimming through shark infested water for the Alcatraz Triathlon he was doing this weekend

Giggling with the blow dryer
Full on Laugh Explosion with the Blowdryer
- Holden giving Logan five (multiple times), and when I asked him if he wanted to say thanks, he did and as we were leaving turned to wave and said: "goodbye Logan. Have a great day today!"

Then walking to the car he says, "Logan is very very very very nice."

But really the best part was me asking Holden if I could take a picture and he had the entire half of the salon in a trance as he started posing like it was fashion week. Blue-steel has nothing on this guy... mind you, these were self directed. No coaching involved. 

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