Wednesday, March 6, 2013

A week in pictures...

So this past week I've been enjoying a little of this:

Got a new tank top from Lululemon and did this:

Had my teacher over for lunch, ate vegan peanut
noodles with cabbage and she held these:

Found this Mac Daddy cozied up and snoring here:

Let this little one FINALLY experience the snow on her own. 

Got a surprise text from my husband who said
I ought to get a babysitter and join him here:

Realized it was a beautiful Monday... and I better start a running program
if I'm doing a 5k in a month.  So I got to enjoy this view (top)
while the kids got squished into that (bottom). 

Recognizing the oil is in fact ALWAYS the tricky part,
spent time baking with this pastry chef:

And also enjoyed plenty of epic battles. 

Yes, it's been a good seven days.