Sunday, March 17, 2013

Park Time

Last week we visited this sweet little park three different days. Zoë had been to Sugarhouse Park once as a walker, but mostly just wanted to eat the sand.

So I was seriously surprised to watch her navigate things on her own, and just model and shadow her big brother.

I reflect back on Holden at this age. Everything was a first with him -- we were so excited for it all. But since Zoë is (or at at least has a 98.9% chance of being) our last, I'm really not in a rush for her to hit milestones. So it's that much more I tense to see her doing things like a 2 year old (or older) so soon.

May these moments serve as reminders for me to live in the moment. To forget about the 'story' per se (although there are plenty of great ones), and "enjoy the journey."

Oddly enough, this is also why I believe mom's should have cleaning ladies: who wants to spend all that precious time scrubbing toilets and mopping floors?
If I'm making time to cook and bake meals from scratch, something's gotta give.

Just sayin'.

We all have 24 hours in a day...

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