Sunday, June 2, 2013

Some Highlights from The Del

So we had an amazing opporuntiy last month to head to Mexico for 5 days "on our way" to some of Danny's business meetings in Coronado. I'll need to do a separate post about Mexico sometime, but I got the Sand Diego pictures loaded so I guess I'll start there...
Due to the NADCO conference and Danny working for such an AMAZING company
we got to stay at the historic Hotel del Coronado; here's Danny and Z poolside
This was right inside our room... our little "Ute Diva" getting ready to paint the town one night

The first morning we were there I took the kids down to the beach
and we had the entire place practically to ourselves... it was heaven.
The picture of Z below is one of my favorite from the entire trip.

I said it on Instagram, FB and it bears repeating: why a Daddy needs a daughter, and vice-versa. 

MWSBF treated us to a Padres game. The kids did fantastic -
we stayed in our seats through the 7th inning stretch and then called
it a night before any meltdowns happened...
Zoe looks forlorn but this was a few minutes before we left. 
Making memories... We discovered our kids are just as joyful at the beach
as they are at Disneyland. Sand seems a lot cheaper. 
Another of my favorites. It was really amazing how
she'd just sit and stare at the water...

I call this photo: "Holden Daniel-Craig Mangum." He was not yet in swimwear, and since
it was still 10 in the morning, he just got down to his "unders"and made it happen.
Even the morning cloud cover and cold Pacific water temp could not deter him...
Mama Sherpa: since Danny was in meetings for most of our trip during the days
 it was either get out on the beach and to the pool myself, or don't do anything...
so we put the stroller and the Ergo pack to good use and like a pack-mule made it happen! 

Our last night in Coronado - we ordered pizza and let the kids play on the beach. 

I was grateful Danny had booked us a later flight.
So after out late check-out we hit up Mama Testa's for tacos,
found this cool urban art piece around the corner and then discovered what
Will Ferell and Eric Weddle already knew: that Mariposa Icecream is divine.
It's covered in pictures of famous celebrities and Beatles memorabilia - 
as we were leaving, and crossed the road having just seen 
the Abbey Road cover Holden remarked, "Hey our family looks like the Beatles!"

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