Sunday, March 2, 2014

Make Your Own Luck with Yoga

I am honored to be one of seven hosts for this month's #MakeYourOwnLuck :: #MYOLYogis Challenge on Instagram (my handle is @shaktisuite in case you want to follow along).

The challenge is sponsored by MonkeyG Yoga Clothing and Hugger Mugger (a yoga mat & supply company). Both Local!!! The challenge features a daily pose meant to build up to handstand / inversions: with range of motion and flexibility poses alternating with strength poses.

 Check out my feed on Instagram for details and instructions on how to do the poses if you're new to the groove. So what say you, care to play along?

Day 1: Downward Facing Dog: August 2013

Day 2: Bow Pose w/ Zoe : August 2013
Photos from last summer's photoshoot at We Are Yoga SLC. Photo creed to my sweet friend, fellow Yoga Mama and Cicely's sister-in-Law Aly Sharette. 

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