Sunday, March 16, 2014

Making Home Upgrades a Little Cozier

Tadah! New Yoga Studio!
Here's my confession: I don't have this big amazing gift for design (I know, big shocker right). But I know what I like when I see it -- sometimes it's hard for me to just come up with a concept out of nowhere -- especially when I lack the funding to style my house straight out of a Pottery Barn catalog. That's why I was thankful the sweet ladies over at asked me if I'd like to check out their designs. They've got some fun new patters.... some inspired by everyone's favorite 15-minutes-of-fame Pop Art Prince, the late Andy Warhol, and plenty of other goodies (because soup cans and Mariyln Monroe are not for everyone, though they should be). Just kidding, it's not like that. But I'm pretty sure in my email correspondence with them I replied: "You had me at Warhol."
I took some time on their website, imagining how this or that would look here or there in my house, and ultimately decided my mantle could make a big splash with some quick (link is to their Etsy store). Oh but before you see the odd picture with the shelving to the left of the mantle, let me say that odd furniture locale was the result of me tearing out the carpet in the sunroom whilst my better-half was on a business trip in DC.  (I had to get the furniture out of there). The before pic is in the top left hand corner... 

Anyway, so we've been in home improvement mode here. Getting ready to put the house back on the market later this month. (Any of my cousins reading this, seriously, I would love to keep this place in the family. Any potential buyers?) But back to the mantle....

Heres the before (again, do not pay attention to the furniture on the left. Just notice how boring I am... 
And then BAM! Splash it up with a little, and suddenly I'm in a whimsical blue spring dream. This is from their Tree Wall Decal section.

I know a lot of people (especially in Utah) embraced vinyl in their house 10 years ago... for us, outside of an Avengers peel-set my mom gave Holden for his playroom, I just hadn't figured out exactly what would work for me. 

But thanks for taking a chance on me I'm digging my upgraded "digs." 

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