Tuesday, March 18, 2014

MYOLYogis March Challenge

If you recall, I was freaking out a little bit because I was chosen to help host the MAKE YOUR OWN LUCK (or #MYOLYogis) Challenge on Instagram Sponsored by Hugger Mugger and MonkeyG yoga: two local and awesome Utah Yoga companies. 

I've been cataloging my pics daily on Instagram as part of the challenge. There are seven "hosts" and we each take a day of the week explaining a pose and then posting a picture. We are also responsible for posting pictures of the other hosts challenge poses. So here's a little taste of what the challenge has included for me: 

Headstand... if this were a video you'd see Zoe crawling around me,...

Upward Facing Dog Poolside. I have this ritual after I swim 800yards to a mile to do a little yoga poolside because my shoulders get SOOOOO tight and I don't want to lose range of motion in them. This is what yoga and triathlons do to a person -- little crazy.

Chin Stand, with a Little Help from some old Magazines:
I actually held this pose for the first time in my life without props
(aka - minus the mags) last night! #practiceandalliscoming

Someday I will post a picture of me in this pose and it will be my hands grabbing my foot.
It may be a year, or more... but it will happen. It just takes time, and practice, and patience.
Namaste Friends. If you'd like to join us on Instagram it's not too late to be eligible for prizes. Find me @shaktisuite on IG and Twitter.

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