Friday, December 5, 2014

An Ode to Z, because You're (Almost) Three!

My sweet (and spicy) Zoë-bug, 

Remember where we were three years ago? Your miracle of a birth. 

We started celebrating your birthday this week. Your first "friend party." 

You have curls that attracts attention wherever you go. You didn't say much until a few weeks ago, but have always been able to communicate what you like, want, need or don't want to have anything to do with... Your eyes and lashes melt my heart and you have restored faith in my ability to nurse a child.

When you taste something you like you say: "Tastes like pink cake!"

You would watch "shows" for infinite hours if I let you.

You begged to go to school -- we obliged and you're thriving.

When you don't get your own way, you tell  the person they're "not nice." (We're working on it.)

You give the best hugs.

Here are some other things you love: 
Ice cream
Daniel tiger
Pink cake
Greeting your Dad when he comes home from work 
Lip gloss
Princess dresses
Tea parties
Icing for injuries (even if it's a stomach ache... A bag of ice even trumps band aids) 
Reminding us "Jesus died. Came back alive!" (Especially when you see pictures of Him at church.) 
Cutting -- your a whiz at scissors! 
Being read to 
Juicing: Beet juice is a fave of yours 

Things you don't like:
When the kitchen's closed
Turning off shows
Getting on lotion
Having your hair washed
Not getting your own way 
Trying on clothes (unless we intended to let you stay in them). 
Being told what to do 
Getting shots

This past year you swallowed a quarter (had to get X-rays), AND sliced your finger so bad you needed five stitches. You were a champ. The doctors and nurses at instacare couldn't believe you were only two because you were so brave and hardly cried... the promise of pink ice cream and red-dye sucker in your mouth were luxuries that made the difference, I suppose.

Our family is complete because of you. Thanks for the joy and spice you bring to our lives.

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