Friday, December 5, 2014

Pinkaliscous for Zoë

Zoë turns three officially on December 7th. Her birth experience was a miracle of miracles. You can read about it here; but first I'll just mention we had a couple of friends from her school class and cousins over to celebrate this week. She was very specific about the guest list and what she wanted included in her party: pink cake, Bah-bee cake (Barbie, ugh), a Mickey cake and duck-duck-goose. 

Not entirely set up, but the quiet of the night before all the action

Obligatory Twirling Before the Guests Arrive

Party Time! Hot chocolate, pink cupcakes and (fruit and veggie) accoutrements
Z had helped me bake the cakes earlier this week and then we let each of the kids decorate their own after a few rounds of duck-duck-goose. The guest of honor and her brother's creations are below.

Z's Barbie Cake and Holden's Seattle Seahawks Cake
We'll keep celebrating through the weekend!

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