Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Stuff That You Could Read...

I mean, if you're not too busy; or have something more important to do (like washing your hair, or saving the world)... you could read this post. Or not. I won't know either way because my google reader thing-y has been turned off for months.

So I only know if you stop by if you leave a comment, or put a post-it note on my front door (yeah, don't use the back door... I never check it for correspondence).

Alphabet Soup:

A) Mel's right - I need to drink more water. Oh and I've peppered in some pictures for good measure, even if they have nothing to do with anything... but honestly, how coherent are my posts anyway?

"Sassa" (aka Cassandra my older sister) & Me loving the red rock in SG

B) I totally pulled a 'super mom' move (see below) and unclogged our shower drain (pretty glamorous, eh?) Of course we needed a 'drano-free' option, so I consulted the world wide web. I remembered reading something about baking soda and vinegar (Danny was skeptical, as he usually is of my green weirdness)...but VIOLA! Erm, I mean: VOILA! We're now unclogged and still toxic-clog-fixing-chemical FREE (baking soda and vinegar are SOOOO not as scary to have in your cabinets as Drano, eh?) Try it sometime. Seriously, it's way cheaper and way good practice for that science fair volcano you'll be making someday with your little ones. And then you can feel like this:

Super Mom

C) Yoga Journal is my favorite mag. I like it even better than (the now defunct) George. And anyone that knows my passion for politics, knows that's saying something. It's like my yoga teacher said (paraphrased): when I read fashion magazines, I'm left feeling inadequate (not to mention having developed a serious false sense of NEED)...but when I read Yoga Journal, I feel inspired, empowered and peaceful. So if you're looking for some shanti or shakti, check it out. (I promise, you need not be able to balance on your head to enjoy.)

D) Speaking of yoga... Monday night I was in this burly and fierce Flow class. We were working our way into an arm balance and found ourselves in Vashistasana, again... (Remember, I had that dream I was 'doing it' and felt like I was floating?)

Anyway, we're moving, and flowing, and I feel this fire; and so I think "I'm just going to go for it." And tried this... Obviously, my take on the posture was not as divine as that picture, but I was shaking and aching and pushed to my limit. It felt great! And then I came out of the posture and had all of this anger. I mean literally: I was clenching my fists and my jaw and felt all this anger bubbling inside (and out!) of me. I think it was a good release, but also makes me wondering what I'm suppressing?

Holden and Mommy at the Children's Museum "Discovery Gateway" last week. He doesn't look it, but he was really happy.

E) In honor of the Chinese New Year, I thought you might enjoy these pictures of this WAY AWESOME home around the corner and down the street from our place in Saint George.

First it was this...

Then they added this...

F) A video of Holden being adorable and hitting on my friend Cassie's darling little girl Sophie at DG.

G) The PHBLOG continues. (You know, Food+ Blog= FBLOG... but I didn't want you to think I was cussing (Oh F!)... thus the "PH" ... so a spoonful of sugar, (just kidding) it was actually a spoonful of yogurt, a cup of strawberries, three pinches of shredded cheese, a carrot stick, 1.5 pieces of 9 grain bread, some avocado (of course), grapes, home made veggie and thyme soup (mushrooms, potatoes, carrots, onions, left over whole grain rice from last night's concoction and a veggie broth); clementines, buttermilk au gratin potatoes, two glasses of milk, and some brownies (call it a day).


metcalfruf said...

my fav mags are OK, entertainment weekly, and InStyle. what does that say about me? hmmm.

Cicely said...

Oh. My. Goodness.

Staci said...

sorry im behind on the bloggin ...i use to live down the street from that chinese house and that new addition is totally creepy!!!