Thursday, February 18, 2010

Yoga Is:

union * peace * serenity * standing on your head upside down* changing your vantage point * calm * what I do so I don't have to take Xanax * changing a diaper * waking up at 3 am because someone just needs you * love * falling in love, again, and again, and again * respecting your opinion, even though I disagree with it * bhakti * the rush from a first kiss * empowerment * surrender * breastfeeding * adoption * remembering God loves Charlton Heston too * letting go of attachment to your body * letting go to attachment of another * an oblio reunion tour * stuck in the mud * smelling the flowers * planting a garden * riding a roller coaster * being ok with aging * embracing differences * loving your neighbor * being free from the chains of addiction * baking a cake * seeing the sun dance * salutation * exclamation * reconnecting * movement & being moved* pitter patter of all kinds of feats * pinkie toes and nursery rhymes about piggies * a fresh ganesh * being teachable * breath * energy * prana * stillness * humility * laughter * friendship * getting the Led out * being an aunt * finding flow in motherhood * serving * honesty * union

What is yoga to you?

Phblog (just for 11 more days, can you believe it?):
strawberries & avocado for breakfast, leftover vegetable and thyme wholegrain soup for lunch with a spot of Parmesan, whole wheat bread (I made it today!!!), two glasses of milk,

Oh, and I realize that I was going to post if I worked out or not, but it's kind of been a non-issue, meaning: I've been getting in at least 5, sometimes 6, days a week of physical activity. I try to get to yoga class three times a week (between 60 - 90 minutes each time), and on the days I can't, I usually end up doing that Jillian Michaels '30 Day Shred' video... even though I think she's pretty much a product-whore. I've gone jogging a few times, but the weather and the inversion make it a little easier to chose indoor aerobic and strength activity. Just so you know...

**Update on dinner, we went to a benefit/appreciation thing for the Planetarium Thurs night, and the food was awesome. Thankfully all in the form of 'small bites' it was dinner, but in the appetizer mode. I had a little 2-bite veggie wrap with chili-pepper sauce, some crackers and cheese, a few veggies (asparagus, carrots, a tomoate with a moz) with a little ranch dip and washed it down with a glass of their mango lemonade. Dessert came in the form of freshly made on-site hot doughnut holes (worth the price of admission and the guilt) ... I had four of these little bite-sized delights with a little chocolate sauce and a single scoop of nitro-custard-cream with raspberry sauce (yes, ice cream made in front of you by pouring liquid nitrogen into a bowl and stirring the was cool to see science at work!)


Emily Redd said...

Hey Sabrena, okay don't have tons to say about yoga but love your thoughts as usual. Sorry I missed out on high school night the other night...I was bummed on some good ole chinese food. Anyway, your son is gorgeous....let's PLEASE reschedule SOON!!! I can't wait to do his pics...what a little handsome guy!

Cicely said...