Thursday, April 29, 2010

Crafty: Eggs-elent

So I am not a crafty person. My friend Marie, super crafty (with a fancy-schmancy blog to prove it.) But Me? Not so much, though I do enjoy finding natural ways to do thing...

The fake dyes, plastics, additives, preservatives? They're everywhere and they make me nervous. Easter is no exception.

I know, remember Easter?
It seems so long ago, but I wanted to share a few details on our "projects."

First, the Natural Egg Dying Experiment:

Egg dying was a tradition at the Suite household I always looked forward to around Easter time. And I wanted to make sure that Holden had this same opportunity for creative expression, and though I'm aware that PAAS is non-toxic, I knew there had to be another alternative.

So we started with these:

And then tried this:

That was spinach...and here's the carrot juice:

The beet juice worked the best! Option One:Option Two:

I also used coffee grinds with water which made for an interesting outcome.

We ended up primarily with shades of pink, and some coffee grinds that look like I forgot to wash the dirt off of the eggs before I used them.

Some closeups:

But truth be told, I loved this experiment! Even though the green didn't come close to working and the orange didn't fare much better; it was a good time and one that Holden will take more of an active role in next year (albeit a more creative and messier role.)

We'll use white eggs and take a few lessons from here too.


Ashlee said...

eggplant works REALLY well for a natural dye! And don't forget to check out my new craft/cake blog. I finally merged the two!

WIKKY said...

awesome! I like the coffee eggs. REally cool!