Friday, April 30, 2010

Like that Beastie Boys Song: CRAFTY - part 2

So the Easter Craftiness updates continue...

Except that I wanted to show you how well some of my wheat grass DIDN'T work out...Here's the one I showed you earlier this moth. And perhaps you thought I was pretty nifty.
You've already heard about the eggs.

Because I thought growing wheat grass would be a spectacular idea (after my friend Erin grew some with her son, and Marie laid it out in Make & Takes).

So some of it worked!
(Special thanks to my *Friendter Christie for watering my plants whilst we were gallivanting in Maui. They ALL would've been dead had it not been for her careful attention...I have learned some containers just work better than others.)

Stage one...

Starting to Grow!
Stage two:
Not to shabby!

But more of it did not...

Exhibit A: Pathetic

Exhibit B: Pathetic-er

Exhibit C: Pathetic-ist

I hope you enjoy laughing at my hardships.

Do over:
Here I am, starting fresh - not for Easter Baskets, but for my Juice Tiger...
and the Weekly World News Garth Brooks Juice Diet.

You may not have time, but I think it's worth the 5:49 seconds...

*Friend + Renter = Friendter

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Allison said...

FYI: I LOL'd at the juice tiger reference before I even scrolled to see you explained why it is funny! You are a funny face!