Friday, May 21, 2010

Don't be such a BOOB

Overheard at the Le Leche League play date as we were making our exit:

Mom 1: ....I know, I really wish doctors were more informed.

Mom 2: Yes! Formula should come with the same warning labels as cigarettes!

So I've been pretty open about my love-hate relationship with breastfeeding (not so great at it, pumped exclusively for a year when Holden completely refused to latch), but this seemed a little extreme.

Um yeah, we just kept walking.


Shauntel said...

I'm glad you kept walking. For those of us who literally run out of milk and start with just a tiny supply, formula is quite literally a lifesaver.

Breast is best. But formula is a perfectly lovely second best.


Meesh said...

People are so narrow minded. What about preemies, what about adopted children, what about not enough milk to help a baby flourish. DUH! Breast feeding is ideal, and I loved it, but as we both know, lots of times, babies or moms just can't. Try your best and thankfully there is formula to help out when if it doesn't work.

Alicia said...

Maybe she should try smoking some Infamil before she knocks it.

Anne said...

I agree with Michelle. I fed my little guy formula and he is one of the most healthy, active and intelligent 3-year-old I know!

WIKKY said...

Oh boy.... I am totally with Alicia except maybe we should try sniffing it!!! ha.

Cicely said...

What- you didn't tell them to have a wet nurse (that lives across the country) pump, package the ship the milk to you for free?

Formula kills babies.