Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Making "Easy" Key Lime Pie (sort of)

So last week, I clicked on Make and Takes for the latest and greatest in home making; and discover a guest blogger's recipe for Key Lime pie.

It looked amazing.

And touted 'almost too easy to make.'

I had a few limes that were on the wane, and the recipe didn't actually call for 'key lime juice' which I remember seeing in Key West, Fl but not at Smith's Marketplace recently... so I am stoked.

I have ALL the ingredients it seems. Your basics - eggs. sugar, butter.. they're staples around here. I even have a couple of cans of organic sweetened condensed milk. This is going to be BRILLIANT!

What I don't have on hand, is graham crackers. Yeah, remember how I tried to rid our house of heavily processed foods? While a few exceptions were made, the graham crackers did not make the cut. They were voted off the island... with the marshmallows. Though the chocolate stayed (I may be eccentric, but I'm not crazy!)

So of course, I start thinking (which is always a scary thing), wondering where Graham crackers came from... and how you make them, and could I make them, and.... and before you know it, I've found a recipe for Made from scratch graham I can make EASY key lime pie. (Hmm, there's some irony in there... or just a cruel joke.)

As is the case with most of my culinary projects (see shapeless tortillas, salt lick angel food cake, etc), some of them worked and some of them didn't.

The recipe says 25 minutes, but I opted out of the second round of 'refrigerator chilling' so some of them got a little toasty.

But Holden liked them.

Danny liked them much better than the Lavender-Mint Shortbread (I know, odd right?). We've been noshing on them since they cooled from coming out of the oven so there's really not enough to make a pie crust.

The Key Lime will just have to wait, but I have to admit this was a pretty good trade off.


Chelsey said...

That pie looks delicious, and I'm impressed you made homemade graham crackers. I have a lime pie recipe that is made with a ginger snap cookie crust. I know making homemade gingersnaps probably isn't much easier than graham crackers, but it's a pretty good combo with the lime.

I just thought I'd though that out there incase you try the lime pie again. It's one of my favorites!

katie said...

i am drooling. that pie looks so good.

i'm looking for a delicious from-scratch pizza sauce recipe. do you have one?