Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Missions Accomplished

So here we are... in semi-sunny SoCal (aka THE OC). The weather yesterday was perfect for soaking up the sun with M-I-C-K-E-Y-M-O-U-S-E. It was coolish in the moring but bright in the day, so jeans and a t-shirt were perfect. Light sweater in the evening...

But enough about the weather. I've compiled a little list of things we've accomplished - mostly at Disneyland yesterday, but also of our escapaeds since we arrived (some pictures to follow).
  • Three-dollar-and-twenty-five-cent cupcakes from Sprinkles, of Beverly Hills Fame (though we went to the Newport locale). Delish, but I still think the original Peanut Butter Chocolate variety at 25 Main in St. George is better.
  • Running shorts from Lucy.
  • Swimming, swimming, hot tubbing & swimming.
  • Putting greens, playground time & walks around the Marriott property.
  • Made it to Magic Kingdom:
  • It's a Small World - twice!?!?! By far Mr. Holden's favorite ride. He was dancing and pointing...and we rode during 'parade time,' so for our second round we had an entire boat to ourselves.
  • 30 minute-wait for Peter Pan (I think the Dole Pineapple Freeze line was the only thing that took longer)...Fast Passes for Indiana Jones, in case you were wondering.
  • My nephew Max gets chosen for Jedi training and 'freestyles' against Lord Vader. The force is strong in this young Padawan.
  • Photo-ops with Aladdin & the Genie.
  • Charmed the parade crowd with Jedi mind tricks (or just being his delightful self).
  • Churros...
  • Lunch at the Blue Bayou (that restaurant you see at the beginning of Pirates). Holden and I had the couscous and lots of white bread!
  • Star Tours, Space & Big Thunder Mountains, a run in with a Yetti at the Matterhorn, a turn through Alice's Wonderland and a wild ride with Mr. Toad (Holden did the steering on that one).

12 hours later we had checked off our Disney to-do lists and then some. Little Bits had been such a trooper. We changed his pants, put on pajamas and he was asleep in the minivan before we hit the 5.


QNC said...

Disneyland is the BEST! This post made me want to go so bad. So glad you are having fun.

PS your car is missing from the garage. please tell me someone had permission to do that....

Cassie Jeter said...

Sounds Wonderful...I love the Blue Bayou!!! It's a hitter everytime I hit DisneyLand:-)