Thursday, June 3, 2010

California Dreamin'

If you've seen these on Facebook, forgive the repetition; but for the rest of you --and the Mangum online family Journal-- a little recap of our trip last month to The OC (no Adam Brody sightings though.)

I love Disneyworld (though I prefer it when I'm not pregnant).
I love Disneyland.
I love how attentive the "cast members" are and the blissful level of customer service they provide...I love their roller coasters, and free falls, and pineapple freezes from next door Tiki Lounge. I love the parades and how much my husband loves churros. (I tweeted about him giving one to Holden saying it was 'organic.'

Where's Jasmin?
Holden could not figure out who this Genie character is...
whole new world for the little guy I guess, eh?

The boys in front of Mr. Toad's Wild Ride

"There can be only one..." Oh wait, wrong show.

Life's a Beach...
Holden gets in deep with the cousins

Just for the record, I love this next picture:
Little Bits soaking up the sun...burn.
(Just kidding, he was not shirtless for long.)
Also, please note his awesome SWIM DIAPER!
It's from Little For Now, the online store we buy our cloth diapers & training pants from.
This little Summer accoutrement is better for the environment AND your wallet!

Lego Land...
(yawn) crossed of the list (yawn again).

So I know people love this place, but I will stick with Disney. There were only four rides Holden could actually go on, their parent "ride-share/swap" system is far inferior to The Happiest Place on Earth's, and the rides seemed geared to the 4 - 7 yr old crowd (which may be what some are looking for?), I found the roller coasters a step above 'Puff' at Lagoon and really not much for the adults. But we still had a great time, I'm just glad to have checked it out when Holden was FREE and we weren't wasting two adults admission (Danny had already headed back to Salt Lake for work). The high point of this place is Miniland: entire cities built out of legos, and the decor throughout the place is naturally exhibits of... well Legos, of course.

Some of the highlights:

Grandpa TOM (The Old Man) having a very important conference call

Like I mentioned, Little Bits wasn't big enough for most of the rides...
so he settled for this stationary lego car.

Holden and Mama Suite

Posing with Bob the Builder

Giant Dino, Me & Little Bits (we survived his wrath)

There was this small 'hill' of concrete that Holden liked
to play on outside our favorite ride...
but then he decided he just wanted to lay on it.

The cousins

Plastic strollers make the best beds...
just like Ergo Baby Carriers make the best blankets, apparently.


mrs. farlanderz said...

YAY disneyland!
love that holden's fave was small world - I swear the little kids always love that ride! funny...
by the way you are looking so slim and trim hot mama!

ps - how are your new running kicks working out for you?? I am very interested to know.

Sabrena Suite-Mangum said...

H- you are too kind. In the fb photos I look preggers. Sad. :(

But anyway, I have been using the vibrams for a few weeks now, and I really enjoy my runs in them... soooo much better than sox and ductape (though, I have not given up on our marking scheme. We just need a venture capitalist to get us going, right?)

They are pretty great. I ended up sending back the first pair (didn't fit right) and ended up with the "Classics." I have not done more than a 3 miler in them though. I'm going to try and run 6 this week end but will likely wear shoes.

Maybe I should blog about it. :)

Who are we kidding - I probably will.

QNC said...

Thanks for posting these for all us facebook virgins. If it weren't for your blog I wouldn't know anything about your life besides what I hear through the cracks in the floors!

3703 said...

I think your dad is on a conference call with the kid on the rocks.

Alicia said...

Um, do you realize how much I love your Adam Brody reference? (Even though, I have to admit I do prefer Ben McKenzie :) Um, we are totally down to come swimming anytime too! You are so nice about my arms... Your comments really make me feel good. I have been completely slacking on running so I love reading about your running goals so I can set some for myself too. You totally kicked our trash at the race!

Erin said...

Great photos, great commentary (makes me smile to myself every time), great vacation. Looks like you had an awesome time. We are laying low all summer so it's nice to live vicariously through you and all your travels!

love and miss ya,