Thursday, May 13, 2010

Pie or Garden Adventures Continue!

Remember yesterday when I told you about our secret garden, and how we discovered RHUBARB?!?! (If you don't remember, or didn't see it, you can just click on that link.) But here's a picture to remind you:

Anyway, we decided to put that hardy plant to good (and delicious) use, so we picked it and brought some of it inside.

Some of it was almost as big as Holden.

I got it all 'prepped' with plenty of help from Holden (some of that help being him in the form of naptime while I worked on making the dough for the crust), added apples, spices and loads of butter and sugar!!!

We let it spend some time in the oven: juices bubbling, aroma wafting
and ended up with my FIRST RHUBARB-APPLE PIE!!!
I have a confession... it was delicious. I invited my in-laws over and my sister and her family to share in the goodness, because if not, I probably would've finished the whole thing off... seriously. Pie for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

PS. Thanks to Q's mom for teaching me to make pie.


Melissa: said...

That is absolutely gorgeous. Looks yummy! I am loving all these posts, I always read, even if I don't comment.
Your garden is inspiring, and your little side kick is too cute!

And thanks for the shout out to my sister. She's insightful, isn't she? :)

The Lamoreauxs said...

That looks divine!

QNC said...

Wow. Hidden strawberries and now rubarb! I'm going on a treasure hunt in your yard tonight. PS How did you get more skills from my mother in law than I have?