Friday, May 14, 2010

Thank you Barefoot Ted -OR- I've Got Mail!

For the past couple of weeks, I've been asking 'What BROWN can do for me...' Every time the UPS truck drives by I get a little tinge of excitement inside wondering if any of those delightful parcels in his truck are for yours truly.

Last week he brought this:

Yes, that says:
Michael Pollan makes me have seriously mixed emotions about 'organic'...but,

I was still super thrilled because I can use it to make teriyaki sauce from scratch all thick and commercialized-HFCS-like for Danny...I can also use it to make my own ironing starch.*

So you can obviously see that packages get me giddy like Christmas morning.

Here's something else that made me happy. On Wednesday, Holden's new SOFT STAR SHOES were delivered. He's getting close to growing out of his 24-month old "Robeez" (so sad, since he's just 15 months!) order we did!!!

And I think the photos speak for themselves:

If my child were an ABBA song, he'd be the Dancin' King.

My Vibrams came too, but I am exchanging them for a different pair. More on that later.

*Side note to the Corn Starch story. The other day I made teryaki for Danny and made it extra thick and gooey (gag), but he liked it. That same day, I had a rare moment of 'niceness' and decided to iron some of his work shirts (so I made laundry starch.) At dinner I told him, "Isn't it weird the same thing I used to make this teriyaki is what I used to iron your shirts?" His response: "I wish my shirts tasted this good."

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Meesh said...

Another crazy adventure. I love to read what nutty thing you are doing today. Makes me smile! Making graham crackers, or making your own starch, or running bare foot. You are so great! I mean that sincerely btw!