Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Goin' for Gold! (Or silver).

A couple of weekends ago, I tweeted (excuse me) about playing in the Utah Summer Games (Volleyball Rec League).

Before I go on, or go off, about what a great time it was, let me start off by confessing the following:
  • I am still intense (even Cassandra got a little frightened by 'assertiveness'...and if you know my sister, that's really sayin' something.)
  • As far as sheer talent is concerned, we should've taken the gold (we also should've been playing in the "OPEN" division. But that's beside the point.)
  • I wish I looked better in 'biker shorts'
  • I 'ROOFED' their Middle Blocker in the Final Game. I did not try to contain my excitment about it.
A few pictures:
Holden flashes my Medal, showcasing that all that glitters in the Summer Games is not Gold. (The team we lost to in the championship -- our ONLY loss, I might add -- we beat handily in pool play 2 sets to nothing the day before... heavy sigh. I am kind of a crappy loser.)

A couple of shots of me and my sisters... literally (Cassandra, the oldest #21 and Celeste 'the middle child' and my junior #8). We're just missing Cicely.

This second one I had to photo-shot crop because the angle made it more apparent than ever that I am the chubbiest of my sisters. Cassandra has the body of a 14 year old, and Celeste has legs from here to South Beach. But I've got a lot of personality....

  • Erin Webb Grayson - Played Highschool ball with Cicely, and then played at BYU and Utah State (Middle). It would be a lie if I didn't mention how fun it is to set this woman.
  • Me (Seetter at UVU and then Indiana Wesleyan University)
  • Natalie Nielsen. My Middle from Skyline (State Champs!) One helluva a nurse and owns a Great Harvest Bread Co
  • Cassandra (My volleyball mentor growing up; played right side and Lebaro).. we have her to thank for putting our team together
  • Celeste (Played at Embry-Riddle, Outside Hitter)...my little sis, as I've mentioned. Danny said next to Erin, her 'hits hurt the most to dig.' Though he might've used the word 'bump.'
  • Stacey Nielsen G. Outside Hitter from our Skyline Team; Natalie's little sister and one of the funniest people you will ever meet in your life
  • Stacey "Rubby" Reber J. -- Played Jr high and Highschool ball with Cassandra, Me & the Neilsen Sisters. We also played a year together at UVU and then she transferred to BYU for her last two years of college (Outside hitter)
  • Also, not pictured is Melissa Marriott F. (our other middle) who helped up with the Rec League this spring; and Deja... our right side who joined us for day one, but had a wedding on Saturday. I give her our most outstanding all around player. We love you D and are thnking about you!


QNC said...

Looks like so much fun! You are so silly with your cropping. Are you also going to crop out your amazing boobs to be fair to the others? :)

Spencer Davis said...

Can we please get together and play some volleyball this summer. If I win, you have to give me your medal.

sarah said...

Oh Suite- brings back memories of the good ole' days. totally miss playing v-ball. what a great time you guys must have had. wish I were there. maybe next time. missing you.

Cicely said...

You guys look so awesome! I am crying with jealousy.

Side note. Why am I the fat one again? Thanks for motivating me. I'll be sexy the next time you see me. It's a promise. Also, does Danny miss the Topanga about you? You look amazing!